Village Hall Consultation


Village Hall Consultation

What does the village Want?


At the last two Village Hall AGM’s the future of hall facilities within the village has been discussed. One topic of discussion has been the possibility of converting the recently closed Church of Scotland Kirk for use as a village hall. This is seen as a unique opportunity given that the Kirk is currently on the market. Other options such as alterations to the existing building, or a replacement building on either the existing site or a new site, have also been put forward. As any major change to the hall facilities will have long-term effects on the village and village life it was felt that this matter should be considered by the entire community.


The decision was therefore taken to call a meeting and invite representatives of other organizations within the village to form a working group which would look in to the various options available. This has led to a consultation event to be held on Saturday 21st September which will, hopefully, involve input from the whole community.




Consultation Document & Feedback Form


In order to gain feedback, we have decided to officially consult the local residents.


The consultation and a feedback documents can be viewed/download below and will be made available throughout the month of September. For those who prefer to do this electronically, we have set up an online version of the survey which can be found here:


A copy of the documentation will also be available in the village store. We hope everyone will put their views forward so that we get a true community opinion on the future of the hall and the kind of facility we would like within the village.


If you have any further questions regading either the consultation process, or else the dociment itsellf, please contact Bob Farquharson (




On behalf of the Kincardine O'Neil Villlage Hall Committee.

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